If you are a girl who loves to wear Kurtis then we are sure you must have heard about Surat as a place which produces some neat stuff. The fact is – Surat city is a paradise for kurti lovers. They have everything that one can imagine. From ultra-cheap options to the most expensive ones. These guys produce everything to do with Kurtis under the sun.

Is there any good wholesale Kurtis in Surat to buy?

Dumb question penned by us. The answer is yes. There are lots of suppliers who supply Kurtis of all kinds in wholesale in Surat. One of the reasons why we are writing this blog post is that – our readers should be aware of what they are getting into. It does not matter the amount you spend on buying Kurtis; what matters is its quality and your satisfaction. That’s why manufacturers work hard to develop their products and companies into brands. It makes sense to purchase from brands because they have already established their quality in the market. There are many suitable wholesale kurtis in Surat which you can buy for any occasion. Just read our blog post more to know all about them.

Sr. No.SupplierContact Details
1Pehnava Fashion Mart+91-9974806954 – MR. VISHAL
2Surat Fabric+91-8866204422
3Fashid Wholesale+91-9510232442
4Krishna Creation+91-8866778727

Which are the best wholesale Kurti market in Surat?

Now since you are planning to buy kurtis in wholesale, that would mean visiting the Surat city itself. We mean how else one would buy kurtis in wholesale right?. Let us tell you one thing very clearly here. Surat is an ocean for kurti buyers. There is not a chance that even if you spend a whole week in the city you would be able to cover the entire market. Hence it makes sense do your homework before arriving. We will make things easier here for our readers. Below is the list of the best wholesale kurti market in Surat for you to explore.

  • Surat Textile Market(STM)
  • Radha Krishna Textile Market(RKTM)
  • Vankar Textile Market(VTM)
  • Padmavati Textile Market(PTM)
  • Bombay Market
  • Radha Raman Textile Market(RRTM)
  • Shree Kuberhi Textile Park
  • Raghuvir Textile Mall
  • Silk City Textile Market
  • Shree Sairam Textile Market
  • Shyam Sangini Textile Market
  • Regent Textile Market Surat
  • New Sardar Traders market (NSTM)
  • Mulchand Market

Now there are many wholesale kurti sellers here in Surat, we hope by reading our blog our readers would now be aware of where to go and whom to shop with while in Surat.