Pehrawa Collection is the brainchild of a passionate tech team. One might wonder what are tech guys doing in a Venusian arena. Well, who said IT mavericks cannot flaunt glamor? We have the experience of operating tens of e-commerce stores and have done thousands of hours of market research of the niche.

So what? You may ask!

Well, the answer to that is simple. Our market knowledge and technical expertise rendered a simple conclusion. A conclusion which we say is the seed of this great idea called Pehrawa Collection. We know that many stores are doing good work out there. However, we feel that more can be done and more can be delivered.

Pehrawa Collection is all about bringing the best attire at the best possible price. We are an online store that sources its products directly from the manufacturers. Our marketing expenses are minimal. (Spoiler alert! We are also digital marketing experts). We have a keen focus on quality.

We strongly believe "Cheap Does Not Mean Inferior". Shop with us and you would experience the same.

Welcome to the Pehrawa Collection family. Happy shopping!